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Hi there! We're the developers of Carto. Thanks for playing our game! Below are the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please send an email to us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 哈囉,我們是《Carto》的開發者。下面是遊戲中常見的問題。如果你有任何其他和遊戲相關的問題,可以用 email 連繫我們,我們會儘快回覆。

Troubleshooting 故障排除
Xbox One PS4 Switch
In chapter 4, there's a chance that the game gets stuck when Carto gives the plants to the sheep boy 第四章,當卡朵把植物拿給牧童時,遊戲可能會卡住
Sorry it gets you stuck. This is a confirmed bug that we've fixed it locally but it will take a while to make patch on consoles. In the meantime, you can bypass this issue by doing:
1. Pause the game to “Load Last Checkpoint”. Then collect the plants.
2. "Save & Exit" before giving the plants to the sheep boy so in case anything bad happens you don't need to replay it.
3. Rotate that tile (where you interact with the sheep boy) 90 degrees (either clockwise or counterclockwise) first, then give the plants to him.
1. 暫停遊戲,讀取自動存檔。收集植物。
2. 把植物拿給牧童前,先手動存檔離開。這樣如果遊戲再卡住,可以不用重玩。
3. 旋轉牧童所在的版塊 90 度(順時鐘或逆時鐘皆可),然後再把植物拿給牧童。
Xbox One
Game progress lost after rebooting / Cannot unlock all achievements 重開機後遊戲進度消失/無法解鎖全成就
There's an issue in the current Xbox One version that forgets some of the game progress (game complete or not; hidden puzzles) after you reboot the game. It also blocks user from completing all the achievements. We'll ask our porting partner to check this and hope it can be patched soon. Please don't delete the save file before ending. It might be helpful to regain the achievements once we patches the game. 目前的 Xbox One 版本在重開機後會忘記遊戲的部分進度(包括是否已經全破、隱藏謎題等等),也會影響玩家取得全成就。我們會儘快聯絡負責主機版移植的團隊,希望能儘快修複此問題。另外,請不要把全破後的遊戲檔案刪除,或許在遊戲更新之後可以用它來恢複部分成就。
Unable to open the game / Crush during the gameplay 遊戲打不開, 或者不明原因閃退
There are many possible reasons causing this, here is the standard debug flow.
1. Update graphic card driver
2. Update Windows / macOS
3. Repair DirectX
4. Check if the anti-virus software block the game
5. Restart your computer
1. 更新顯示卡驅動程式
2. 更新 Windows / macOS
3. 安裝 DirectX 修復工具
4. 有些防毒軟體會將遊戲誤判成病毒,試著將 Carto 設定成防毒軟體的例外
5. 重開電腦
Xbox Game Pass PC
Game crashes on startup 執行遊戲後當機
It seems like accepting the xbox "sign-in with your profile" might solve this issue. If not, please email us directly. 接受 Xbox 的 "sign-in with your profile" 似乎可以解決這個問題。如果還是不行,請用 email 直接連繫我們。
Black screen on startup 執行遊戲後黑畫面
If you're using Windows 10 Pro N, please try enabling the Media Feature Pack under Optional Feature in Apps and features of the control panel. Please check this for more info. 如果你用的是 Windows 10 Pro N,請試著在 Control Panel 內的 Apps and features 之下的 Optional Feature 中啟用 Media Feature Pack。詳情請參照這份文件
In chapter 9, Carto cannot move after entering the sliding ice area 第九章,卡朵進入滑冰地形後無法移動
If you use keyboard, try press two arrow keys at the same time so you can move diagonally. 如果你用鍵盤玩,試著同時按下兩個方向鍵,就可以斜著移動了。
Support Linux / Control remapping / Mouse control / Higher resolutions / Ultra-widescreen 支援 Linux/自訂操作/滑鼠控制/更高的解析度/超寬螢幕
- Linux: probably no due to our technical limitation
- Mouse control: probably no, though we'll implement keyboard remapping soon
- Control remapping: we're working on it now
- Higher resolutions: we're testing the art assets now
- Ultra-widescreen: not recently, though you can check the discussion in this thread
- Linux:因為技術困難,可能沒辦法
- 滑鼠控制:可能不會支援,不過我們會儘快實作自訂操作的功能
- 自訂操作:功能實作中
- 更高的解析度:美術素材測試中
- 超寬螢幕:近期不會支援,但你可以參考這個討論串

If you don't find a solution to your issue, send an email to us and we’ll do our best to assist you. Please include your system information and the output_log.txt file which located here:
- Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\SunheadGames\Carto
- macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/SunheadGames/Carto
如果以上方法無法解決你的問題,請寄信至這裡,我們會盡我們所能解答你的疑惑。寄信來時,請附上你的系統資訊,還有遊戲的執行記錄檔 output_log.txt。這個檔案在這裡:
- Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\SunheadGames\Carto
- macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/SunheadGames/Carto

Thank you for your patience. 再次感謝你的遊玩與耐心。

Others 其他
General 一般
Can I use the contents of Carto on site like YouTube or Twitch? 可以在 YouTube 或 Twitch 等網站使用《Carto》的遊戲內容嗎?
Sure you can! 可以!