Sunhead Games
The Swords is an action game of ancient martial art.
It tells the story of a sword master's life
and his deep immersion in the art of swords.
Amidst the ink wash painting
is the light and shade of swords,
which embodies the fighting and pursuit
of a sword master.
“Master the swords with the mind.        
        Meditate the mind with the swords.”
“An enjoyable slice-and-dicer with enough tricks up its sleeve to keep you entertained for a while”
- Pocket Gamer, with Silver Award and Game of the Week
“If you are looking for innovative gameplay and love swordplay, then this is a game that you must check out.”
- AppAdvice
“The aesthetics of The Swords nail the theme, and it allows you to immerse yourself into the idea.”
- AppleNApps
“The team at Sunhead Games has created a truly beautiful experience, and a one-of-a-kind game that really captures the feel of wuxia.”
“There’s a real sense of immersion as The Swords takes you on a journey through time.”
- Unpause Asia